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General Info & Policies



Wander Woman events are open to all women, or those who identify.  All our events are designed for all types of backgrounds and levels of experience.  We host a wide variety of events from educational clinics, learn to hunt seminars and adventures across the country.  We do have memberships options, but membership is not required to attend!

What if I don't know anyone? That's great! We look forward to meeting you!  Come as strangers, and leave with a group of new outdoor best friends!  It might be a tad scary to travel not knowing anyone, but we offer monthly meet ups to meet other gals before events as well!  Several of our members joined us for the first time not knowing anyone, and now have found exactly where they belong!


We post all our events and clinics on our Events Page.  Within the individual event registration dates will be listed.  Once the registration date is here, you will be able to sign up on that event specific page.  Once you're registered you will receive an email confirming your spot!


Currently many of our trips are near and around Kansas and surrounding states, but Wander Woman has started planning trips in other states and countries. Subscribe to our website to keep up to date on new educational adventures!


Because each event is different, the event coordinator will provide a gear/packing list within the event and send reminders prior to the event.  These lists may not be exhaustive, so if you want it-bring it!  Unless the coordinator or outfitter specifically state not to bring something.   We also have gear rentals available for our members, if rentals are available this will be included in the event information.  If you have questions, please email

Trip Expectations.

Wander Woman will provide all the necessary information to have you prepared for a trip. With any outdoor activity, the itinerary is subject to change due to a number of factors. Come with an open mind and go with the flow attitude. We will have a great time!

Event Payments.

Payments to events can be made as scheduled payments or paid in full.

  • Final payments to our local trips are due 30 days prior to the first date of the event. 

  • Final payments to our larger events that require more travel time, are due 90 days prior to the first date of the event.

  • Failure to pay final fees by the scheduled due date could result in forfeiting the trip spot to a participant on the event waiting list.

We do understand things happen! If something comes up, please be in contact


By registering for a Wander Woman event, you check that you understand that there are NO refunds on your initial deposit. However, if you’ve made any additional payments outside of the initial deposit, we may be able to refund that portion minus any processing fees. We are able to offer a partial refund if we fill your spot with a participant on the waiting list or you have cancelled within the deadline mentioned in the details of the event. Each event might have different cancellation policies, so be sure to review before signing up to an event. 

No-Call. No-Show.

We understand that life happens, and things come up-we do our best to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. Each event will have its own cancellation/refund policy outlined in the information with respect to fees paid. We do ask that if you are unable to attend an event you’ve signed up for you provide us at least 48 hours' notice of cancellation. Our events are designed for specific dates/times, as well as number of participants.  Late cancellations can disrupt advanced planning by us or our outfitters. If events are canceled with less than 48 hours' notice, we may assess a ‘no-show’ to your participant profile. After three no-shows to events, enrollment from events may be restricted for a certain amount of time. 

Sold Out Events & Wait List.

If an event fills up, but you were wanting to attend the event, you can contact by email to be added to a waiting list. Cancellations happen, and the open spot is filled first from the waiting list. Email


We love our furry family, but not all events are a good fit for them. Events will say specifically if it is a dog friendly adventure. Otherwise, leave those good boys and good girls at home. 


At this time children under the age of 13 are not allowed at events unless specifically noted otherwise. There will be events where we encourage young adults or children to attend. Events will state what age range can attend and will be safe and dedicated to the younger groups. 

Travel Costs.

You are responsible for any travel expenses to get to a Wander Woman event destination. In most cases the fee will cover lodging, food, equipment, and cost for a trip leader to attend. The cost does NOT include airfare, gas, or any other travel expenses necessary to get to the primary meeting location (unless noted otherwise).

Fulfillment Policy.

Refund Policy - At this time we do not offer refunds or exchanges on any WW products.
Delivery Policy - Our products are shipped on a weekly basis based on merchandise availability.
Return Policy - No returns on any sale products or apparel.
Cancellation Policy - If you decide to cancel an event, you are forfeiting your deposit and any processing fees. This includes leaving an event before the event is scheduled to end. There is a possibility of refunding your additional payments, minus processing fees, pending your spot being filled or canceling within the designated timeframe. 


Becoming a Wander Woman member provides different level of perks. See levels and sign up HERE.

  • CANCELLATION POLICY: VIP and Premier membership packages are refundable up to three days after purchase. If VIP or Premier membership is used for early registration to an event, the fee becomes non refundable. Fee will be refunded minus the $25.00 cost for the member t-shirt and koozie as long as it meets the above guidelines.

  • Membership package is non refundable.

  • Member Shirts: Member shirts are ordered as memberships are purchased, and may take longer to arrive and ship out to you.

  • VIP and Premier members will get first dibs to upcoming events one week prior to everyone. It is first come first served, and can fill up quickly.


Wander Woman has an official Liability Form that all participants must sign to attend an event or clinic. When you register for an event, you will receive an online form that you will be asked to type your signature and "click" that you accept the form. You can review this documentation HERE.

Code of Conduct.

This is a brief outline of what is expected on each Wander Woman trip that you attend. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Wander Woman for responses to any questions or concerns. As always, we hope that you have an incredible learning experience and meet other like-minded women. We cannot wait to share these experiences with you!

•    Respect: Please be respectful of our guides, fellow women participants, yourself, and all other parties during each trip or event. It is expected that you treat all of the guides and women’s property as if you're own. 

•    Friendliness: With all of Wander Woman’s trips, there may be a possibility of having to share a room or bed with someone else. You may consider bringing your own pillow, blanket, or air mattress. If you feel uncomfortable sharing a bed or room with others, please let Wander Woman know to make other arrangements. Please be sure to provide adequate notice so that we can work together to make things work for both parties.

•    Safety: Wander Woman asks that you monitor your alcohol consumption to a social use, especially during events and activities. Wander Woman has a zero-tolerance policy for any alcohol consumption before events or use of a firearm. The safety of everyone is first priority during our events. Casual drinking is welcome at the end of the day, in moderation, but if anyone is drunk/hungover to the point of being unsafe to themselves and/or to others, we will ask the individual to stay back or sit out from participating.

•    Open Minded: Please understand that our guides will do everything they can to make your trip a success, however, in hunting or fishing it is not always a guarantee of a catch or harvest during the Wander Woman trip.

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