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Wander Woman will deliver supportive and empowering experiences for learning, sharing, and connecting with other women in support of mutual enjoyment of the outdoors.

Wander Woman is a network of diverse women who are engaged in the enjoyment of a myriad outdoor pursuits. We seek to promote women’s empowerment through member participation in monthly events and monthly steering meetings; conservational stewardship by creating and participating in all-encompassing outdoor experiences; and personal growth by offering skills-based workshops.

We empower women to enjoy nature and maintain a lasting commitment to adventure, community, and conservation.

Who We Are

Wander Woman is a regional, nonprofit, all-volunteer organization founded in 2018 to:


  • Empower women of various ages, cultures, and lifestyles in sharing outdoor experiences;

  • Encourage familiarity and competency in outdoor recreation;

  • Develop and provide focus for a network of women who share a common interest in outdoor recreation;

  • Serve as an educational exchange, resource, and support base for women who take an interest in the outdoors;

  • Encourage an integrated, holistic, environmentally-focused lifestyle; and

  • Support policies that preserve the natural resources and promote a strong environmental ethic and conservation practices.


Wander Woman is a network of women who share a love of adventure, nature, and community. We provide a venue where one can share, learn, and grow among a diverse group of women.