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Member: National Speleological Society, Carroll Cave Conservancy

Women's Event Coordinator JoCo KS Pheasants Forever

When I visit with a co-worker on Monday morning in the office, I want to show them photos and tell stories of epic adventures I’ve done either by myself or with others. Really, it’s not that complicated; I want a life filled with adventure and exploration.


I’ve gone on every kind of hunting and fishing trip imaginable with my Dad. While he liked that part of the outdoors, my Mom, on the other hand, taught me the love of camping, kayaking, canoeing, rappelling and all kinds of outdoor sports. I still enjoy trips with them, but I started Wander Woman to encourage other women to find themselves in the outdoors.


When I hit my early 30’s, I hit a maturity level that challenged me to do something more with my life. Being an outdoors adventure-seeking woman sets me apart from my peers. However, the more I focused on doing things outdoors, the harder time I had finding things with other women. Wander Woman was established to provide a platform for connecting with other women and highlight their adventures.


There is something deeply satisfying, and connecting, about sharing experiences with others. Not only do they provide great storytelling material later, they also provide new lessons about ourselves and our abilities that we did not know we possessed.

I grew up smack dab in the middle of the flint hills, fifteen miles from the nearest town. My mom and dad taught me how to load a gun and bait a hook at a young age. Some of my fondest memories of growing up are of reloading shotgun shells with my dad. 

Exploring the outdoors; taking in the beauty of nature, identifying native plants, and observing wildlife in their habitat, is what keeps me going. Aside from the outdoors, I love history and learning how things were in the past. This nerd even has a favorite president, Theodore Roosevelt. Succulents and cacti obsessed, I have amassed a collection of over 50 different plants.


I live in Emporia with my husband, Eric, and son, Porter. We enjoy hunting, fishing, checking trail cameras, and shooting our bows as a family.


I am so excited to be a part of Woman Woman’s future, and look forward to meeting and engaging other women in the outdoors! 

Ashley Brown

I am striving to become a knowledgeable outdoor woman. I truly enjoy the peace, beauty, and calming feeling the outdoor brings. I am expanding my knowledge in camping, canoeing, and kayaking all while finding areas to wander, hike, and explore close to home. If you have recommendations on areas to explore, feel free to email Wander Woman and I would love to check it out!


While doing these activities I am learning about the identification of plant species and native Kansas animals. The next goal is to start the identification journey in the surrounding states.


When I am not discovering the outdoors, I help with local animal rescues and finding ways to assist with animal outreach. Other hobbies include crafting, gardening, taking care of my large amount of house plants, and DIY house projects. I live with my boyfriend, my two spoiled dogs, and have a career in event marketing.

Heidi Trautman

I was drawn to Wander Woman because I have been searching for more women to connect with who like to explore and go on adventures. I like to try new things, explore walking trails, be outside in nature and go to the shooting range. I find nature to be both invigorating and calming at the same time.


My explorer spirit is always drawn to the woods and finding new parks, trails, and creeks to discover. Oftentimes just going for a walk and getting some fresh air can either inspire me or relax me.


I’m also passionate about the second amendment and women being able to defend themselves and be self-sufficient with life skills and outdoor skills. Being a part of Wander Woman gives me opportunities to try things I normally wouldn’t have connections to and to learn them from other women.

Kelsie Jennings

I am a born and raised Kansas farm girl who loves to play in the dirt and be outside. Whether I was working in the garden, helping my dad work cattle or playing with my sisters, I always wanted to be outside. Not much has changed over the years. I love to garden, play volleyball, shoot sporting clays, travel, go to concerts and walk the many trails in the area with my husband Brian and our dog Jett.

There is just something about being outside and taking the time to slow down and really enjoy the beauty of nature that heals the soul. Nature has something that everyone can enjoy no matter what your interests are! Whether it’s how to skip a stone, how to fish, hunt, shoot, camp or identify plants; why not do it with a great group of friends and make lasting memories!

Chyann Franklin


Johnson County, Kansas

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