Exploring Black Hoof Park

Updated: May 28, 2020

Living in the KC area gives you ample opportunity to explore the outdoors, from parks, lakes and trails. Recently, I took time to explore a local park for the first time. The park is well known, and people rave about it when I mention wanting to explore but not be secluded or far from home. I have a busy lifestyle, like the majority and most of the time I do not have the time to dedicate a full day to an adventure that might be a bust.

It was not a bust in my opinion and Black Hoof Park fits the bill of wanting to explore, but not being secluded. The park has the great amenities for all ages and lifestyles. With these options you can choose to stay for an hour or make it a whole day to wander. Before, I had plenty of people saying, “you haven’t been yet?”, and now I know why it was surprising. Bonus, this park has ALOT of wildlife. The picture below shows a family of snakes located in a river along the paved walking path. If you are not a huge fan of snakes, like me, I found this frog watching the world go by much cuter.

This place is packed with amenities; bathrooms, shelters, nature paths paved and not paved (trails), playgrounds, a boat ramp (no bigger than class 1, which is 26 feet), a couple lakes to fish, nature plaques and a 5k cross country course. Trash cans and recycling located next to the shelters and throughout the park. If you want to bring your furry friend along, the park has poop bags stations located throughout the park. In the photo below you will see they even have a Reel in and Recycle station! I was impressed that they had a few of these located at the park.

One of my favorite areas was next to the boat ramp. If you continue to walk past the boat ramp you will find a walking path located on top of the water. While walking up to the area you could see people fishing, a family having a picnic and a few ladies chatting while walking. The path on the water lets you investigate what wildlife you could see. I was lucky enough to see a crane trying to catch his next meal. Do you know what type of crane it is? Let us know below in the comments.

Written by Wander Woman Heidi Trautman

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