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A Mentors Perspective - Ladies Deer Camp

I had the pleasure of attending and mentoring some young ladies on a doe hunt this past weekend. Wander Woman Outdoors group put together this ladies only deer hunt at Timber Hills Lake Ranch in Kansas. From the moment you pull up to the gate, you can see game lying in the sun. When I arrived at the lodge, they were doing a small presentation and then the ladies were taken to the range to be sure they were familiar and accurate with their weapon of choice. There were shotguns, rifles, and one young lady brought a bow.

There was enough daylight left after shooting their weapons to hunt that first evening if they wanted. It was an amazing night with 5 harvests, including the young lady, Sam, I was mentoring. It was so much fun for me to sit with Sam and hear the excitement in her voice and her breathing. I couldn’t help but smile ear to ear.

When we returned to the lodge, they took the deer to the cleaning area. There were other deer hanging and some ladies were cleaning their harvest. This first night and the next morning, every young lady who harvested skinned, cleaned and processed their own harvest. Their guides and mentors were right there talking them through it and offering a hand when needed. This continued through the weekend as every participant was able to harvest. I had the opportunity to talk to more ladies this time and learned that Xa’nel gives amazing hugs.

Then the icing on the cake. We were able to meet Ryan of Turkey Forge. Ryan was the Champion on Forged in Fire, Season 7 episode 30. That cost me, I had to buy a custom knife. Ryan shook my hand to memorize and said this knife will fit my hand when I get it, I can’t wait. I was able to choose the blade and handle.

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That is so nice! It sounds like an amazing time.

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